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Thank you for purchasing a copy of the Leap and Shine Conference 2016 audio recordings!
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I hope you will listen to them with the intention of applying and implementing what you hear. What you hear is only as good as the decisions that you take to act on them.
I look forward to hearing about your thoughts about the Leap and Shine Conference and your experience/takeaways from the 7 day summit. Click here to share your thoughts
PS: Remember you can order the recordings as a gift for someone – the gift of information, knowledge and awareness is indeed the perfect gift!
KEEP MOVING FORWARD: there is MORE to life!
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In 2017, I recommend overturning the status quo, changing the rhetoric, mastering our thoughts, getting rid of limiting beliefs and going for MORE – in all areas of life, because, guess what – there is MORE to life!
Be intentional about IMPLEMENTING what YOU NEED to implement. Be UNAPOLOGETIC in not only seeking to change your life, but in doing whatever it takes to make change happen. 
Don’t be afraid/ashamed to REACH OUT and ask for help, mentorship and guidance where you need it. You can  take advantage of my FREE 30-minute DISCOVERY session or a FREE 30-minute CLARITY session to help you figure out what you’re about, where your headed, and also how you can cut through the clutter, DISCOVER your Shine Factor (the best of you) and RELOCATE to your Shine Zone (where shining is effortless)!
Note however that  there are only 10 sessions left available until the end of the year, so I would recommend early booking. Click here to book yourself on to one of these 10 sessions. 
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