Rosanne Reid

Author, Speaker, Lifestyle Coach and Business Consultant

Rosanne Reid is an outgoing, diverse and self-motivated individual who is fulfilling her life’s divine purpose by motivating others to success through her life story, mentoring, Empowerment Speaking, Coaching and Business Consultancy. 

She is the Bestselling International Author of the book, From Pain to Purpose The Exodus – The Importance of Pain in Discovering our Purpose and a Speaker, Lifestyle Coach and Business Consultant who has overcome extreme life experiences such as a near death experience at the age of 12, suffering from societal rejection during childhood, depression and a mild nervous breakdown at age 17, separation from her biological family at age 23 and traumatic births of her children she has risen from the ashes and answered her true calling of ministering and empowering others to overcome and succeed through whatever situation life may throw in their pathway.  

The CEO of BeeFree Marketing operating under the brand “The Dream Inspirationalist” she has now married her gifts,  life experiences and over 14 years of International Business Management experience and teaches others how to discover their purpose, birth their dreams and navigate the pathways of life and business and implement strategies to achieve financial freedom.

A very goal driven oriented person, a friend and counselor to many, a wife, a mother of two, and most of all a caring sister with a big heart and a passion for people.  Through sharing her story with the world she aims to empower all and instill hope that pain is not meant for their demise but really only to make us stronger for our destiny and the fulfilling of our purpose.