Precious S. Brown

Precious Brown is a Michigan native who is dedicated to uplifting her community. As a sought-after speaker and coach, she works tirelessly to motivate women who are ready to transition to greater and improve their lives emotionally, mentally and financially. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, the author of the interactive workbook series The Process of Change and bestselling book Transition: Create the Life You Desire, certified Life Coach, transformational speaker, Founder of Power-N-You™, LLC and the Transition to GreatHER™ Movement.

Precious has organized and facilitated live and virtual workshops, conferences, and summits across the United States, with the goal of activating the power lying dormant in the lives of women. She has been helping women shift their mindset, restore stability and active purpose for over eight years and she knows that it her God given purpose.

Through life experiences, education and career opportunities, she has gained valuable knowledge and skills. After two divorces, she was forced to cope with her reality of despair, vulnerability and self-worth struggles. She knew that to overcome she had to unmask, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. It was during the unmasking process that her personal development firm – Power-N-You™, LLC was founded with the goal of helping other women to make the same powerful transition.

For booking events, coaching or speaking engagements, she can be reached at 810-293-3596 or email