Halona Black

Entrepreneur, Writer & Creative Director

Halona Black is the Founder and Creative Director of DigitalWellPublisher.com, a multimedia publishing and training company focused on teaching coaches, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs how to write, publish, and present with power and ease. Halona teaches visionary leaders how to find their voice and develop a profitable message that attracts new clients, creates new income streams, and assists you in becoming influential in their field.

Prior to starting her business in 2013, Halona was, and continues to be, an enthusiastic advocate for adult education. She has created and managed programs in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology, and life skills to vulnerable populations in the US, Togo, Mali, Ghana, Haiti, and Afghanistan. She used these international experiences to create her first blog that helped her to land speaking gigs, positions in educational leadership, as well as consulting jobs.

Halona’s life took a turn after experiencing divorce, her mother’s death from breast cancer, and her own uterine fibroid surgery. Her deepest desire was to create a space where she could indulge her own passions and escape life centered around the cubicle. That desire became a new blog called GarlicAndLemonsMag.com, a women’s wellness, food and travel site where she was able to connect with her love for natural living. From there, Halona was able to write several books on wellness and create a digital platform, teach healthy cooking classes, and teach others to live a more creative life.