Fatema Saifudin Zakir

Corporate Trainer & Wellness Speaker

Fatema is a CEO of her own company for weight loss (loosing weight naturally in 15 minutes) and holistic wellness professional speaker & corporate trainer.  She has conducted various workshops for the preschool teachers on self love using simple tools and techniques.

For over 3 and half years now, Fatema has not only helped individuals from loosing weight or chronic illnesses but has also assisted 8 cancer patients to heal naturally from cancer.

She is highly respected in the minority community, has cliental database of trusted consumers worldwide who respects and follows her advises on health through holistic healing. She is also rated the TOP 5% on Social Media via Klout.com and has conducted numerous workshops on Underground Facebook Marketing Workshops

She is living her passion to aid individuals towards self love, loosing weight effortlessly so that each can lead a truly deserve to live a younger, happier and richer life for themselves and their loved ones.